Will this great it ever come back ? :O
Thanks for the hard work. I don't mind the style yet, sometimes things like this need time to grow on me.

So far I am missing a "Thank you", functionality. This was always a nice way to show my gratitude.
Thank you ShibataBread! You are a legend ! =)

Thank you very much!
I really want to thank you again Outlaws0023, made my made =) Thanks man!
File down, I would appreciate a reup. Thx!
Does anybody know if there is a better raw version than the "[Bikkuri] Gaki no Tsukai High School Batsu Game[XviD 640 x 426].avi"?
It doesn't have to be HD, but better encoded maybe.

Thanks in advance :bow:
Look so funny already lol- I would love subs . Thanks for the upload! =)
Nice subs and a classic episode, thanks to zari-gani for subbing and Nipponophile for posting =)
I really enjoyed this episode, they could make more of them =) Thanks for the upload!
||---PEGO---|| wrote:
haha ! you bet he made some apologies !

yeah thank god :D
I am hoping for a new episode this year! Its sooooooo sad when Yamasaki says goodbye, and freakin' funny :rofl:
Thank you TorgosHand for this very detailed insight!