the subs are still obtainable from shibatabreads blog but none of the video download links work :(

a repost would be greatly appreciated
love me some kiki series ty zurui
someone needs to sub this lmfao
quality isnt too bad, but damn does it take a long time to load a video. :wasntme:
ShadiHD wrote:
ok, I am considering on subbing this Batsu for GOOD, and Zurui will help me, but since we're starting all over it'll take a month at least

as funny as it is when people post threads like this before they even spend 2 minutes looking through the forums, i also desperately wish for someone to refurbish the existing subs for this batsu. :o
fail troll, ipban imo
shibatabread for president
wowowow too many cute girls in this one =P

Originally posted by BonangMan
I've made a hard-subbed link here:-

Gaki no Tsukai - Onsen Batsu (No-Laughing Hot Spring Inn) (2003)

Size = 276MB
Type = RMVB
Sub = English (Hardsubbed)
Host = Mediafire
Part = 10 Parts (Join by using HJSplit)


Part 9 isn't working for me!! =X

any updates?