Please ask ShibataBread for permission to translate te subtitles, as shibata worked very hard and it is just common courtesy. i asked permission before i posted this, i have his permission, i just need to give him the credits XD btw i haven't been working on the translation :S got distracted doing ...
ROFLMAO the "terminator" part is hilarious XD thanks for sharing this vid.
eu tou a fazer do hotelmen mas é em pt-PT
nope só mesmo o ashita ga aru sa e é cantada por mais gente
gregogr wrote:
Meu amigo, você vai ajuda muito a comunidade Brasileira além dos portugueses!

Eu mesmo pensei em traduzir, mas meu inglês não é grandes coisas... :(

Vou acompanhar sempre seu post!

Wow obrigado :D

1hour and 2 minutes, 1170 lines translated so far :D
well, im translating shibatabread's no laughing hotelman subs to portuguese from portugal if there is any portuguese fan of batsu games please let me know here and by doing this (the translation to portuguese) i hope to make some portuguese batsu game fans and bring them here I already worked on the...
don't want to download? no problem

good work team! *nice guy pose* but just a little question... which software do you use to make the subtitles? i'd like to know
bem-vinda carla! :D vais notar que não és a única portuguesa por aqui XD
welcome carla! :D you'll notice that you're not the only portuguese here XD

(btw check my "Hamada - Chicken Rice Subtitled in Portuguese" video on the Music section)
I think the 2010 will suck. I think it will be just a repitition of 2008 and 2009. It is becoming predictable with the usual events (busride, attending some sort of ceremony where Yamazaki gets slapped, don't be afraid etc.). The Gaki crew needs to come up with some original set up for the "Do...
Well, since my pic got taken down during the move, here I am again. don't know why, but your look reminds me of a Lion or Tiger and that's a good thing i guess XD and yeah ini is really cute XD
well, i saw the video with english subtitles and i really loved the song so i thought it deserved to be translated into portuguese, so more people can listen to it made the subtitles on "Windows Movie Maker", for those who understand portuguese, h...