Glad you're ok mate. I have those videos waiting for you when you get stuff back in order :D
It's a message regarding the normal download limit of say megaupload and such. To bypass that you can set up a proxy in the settings.
DonMoonie wrote:
insanepipe wrote:
Heh, and here I thought Matsumoto swore never to work for Fuji TV again.

isn't heyx3 on fuji tv?

Yes it is, along with MaruMaru also hosted by Matsumoto
There are two episodes posted in another thread. Other than that finding a source for this show is hard.
Happy Birthday :clap: :rock:
Yamasaki has been in it, so has Endo, but don't ask me to remember when that was.
the full vid has already been subbed, but in old age has fallen off to page 2. viewtopic.php?f=43&t=252
did a good job though and looking forward to see more.
have a positive outlook on it, if you say you want to learn people will point out mistakes in a constructive manner.
so you don't want my number? :(
Nice work, for once I'm actually praising someone for a change.
You sir are even more oblivious than I am and that is a bad thing.. I'm sure matsumoto made it funny, shame I can't watch it cuz of my allergy of bimbo blonds.
The latest episode of Ichihachi hosted by Hamada and Fujimoto Miki.
A 2hr special with comedy duos as guests including Cocorico.
you don't need jdownloader, it just makes it easier.
That is the last part of the link on youtube. I'd post the whole link for you but the vid has been taken down.