Hey guys, realllllly long time ago was here.

Im searching Hot Spring Inn Yugawara batsu hardsubbed video for download. I mean i tried find one, but they are all dead links, dead torrents....

Can you guys help me out? Thanks! :clap:
Is there any hardsubbed school batsu uploaded to mediafire or megaupload?

Because i would like watching again in workplace.
Hi there! :)

KazumaSanjaya wrote:
By the way, I am Deaf and ...

Me too!
We know the following will happen. 1 Tanaka will get Tai-Kicked from a DVD and will fall down a lot. 2 Hōsei will get slapped! 3 Downtown will be left on there own again! that seems to happen more in the last couple games 5 Deluxe will try it on with Endo but i think Matsumoto my be the target this...
wow, just found this thread. I will post some gifs i made.

Im at work atm, but when im at home, then ;)
Hi guys, just asking, is there any fan subs for Gackt videos? For example there is Morning Musume fan team who does subbing Morning Musume videos. My girlfriend loves Gackt, so this is why im searching some gackt fan sites with eng sub videos, or something youtube chanel with subbed gackt videos. I'...
Uh, does anyone knows what will be theme on new batsu?
idk am i wrong or not, but its not fully subbed... it sudenly ended. i mean only 7 minute subbed.
wow, nice collection! Can you help me find this video?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOCkfcL ... e=youtu.be

Idk whick episode is this :(
Hidensetsu wrote:
If I'm not wrong, in japanese "hoshii" means to want something, he says "hochii", in which he's trying to be a sneaky pervert trying to sound cute.
In the translation, for the sake of it being comprehensible:
hoshii = please
hochii = pwease

Oh, thanks a lot!
I must see this episode :lol:


Anyone knows any info?
Uh, who can tell me what exactly means "Pweeese" word from Endo? :$

its from No Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers...