soudou wrote:
Does that mean they'll have to say something as they go around Tokyo?

It means the phrase "speaking of something...(in Tokyo)" is given to them. For example, if "speaking of CLOCK..." is given in London and all of them gather at Big Ben, the challenge ends.
soudou wrote:
Is there an easy way to download from that site?

Check out the browser called Maxthon (Portable, if you prefer). It has a built-in function called Resource Sniffer. It picks up the .flv file from a MioMio page.
VideogameDC wrote:
Her IMDb page doesn't have the show mentioned, I'm so confused now.

At 5:30, the narrator just says the show airs next year. Don't know exactly when, but the first episode features Gaki.
Also, the other members tell the viewers at the beginning to check out Hamada's expression because he was told this would be just another episode of the bar series. He didn't know this was coming :rock:
NyTrOx3000 wrote:
wth? why did they censor the stars on their waistcoats at the end?

No letters or characters when the sponsors' name is displayed.
I take it you are more curious about this Japanese tradition than the game Rola made herself.

Here's Wikipedia entry (your "(the link)" not working), manga/anime, and actual play (YouTube) to look at.
So why do they still call him Yamasaki in this episode? They were clearly adressing his name change in the beginning yet both the scoreboard and the guys / announcer still go by Yamasaki. Sadly my comprehension skills are still lacking so I'm a bit confused now . Anyone who can shed some light on t...
natsilane wrote:
Anyone care to offer their personal opinion on what Mizuo Yokan tastes (and feels) like for those of us without any source from which to obtain our own?

Lots of different flavors and feels like, well, agar.
funkygibbo wrote:
around 10 seconds or so at the very end

Matsumo says, "This is really 'Goodbye Yamasaki'." "The time has finally come." [Music starts.] Yama says, "So, all this Produce stuff is for the Goodbye stuff?"

What Yama says over the music is 前振り.
can anybody help translate the 6th minute until where he says Endo did a good job? because I am stumped. The lyrics read, "You ride the bike all night." Yama explains, "It wasn't 'bike' orginally but 'me'." Hamada asks, "Why change?" Yama answers, "It could've bee...
Not every Japanese person/duo/group feels the need to officialize his/her/its name in the Latin alphabet. Having said that, speakers of those languages that rarely use "k" and those who know the French word "coquerico" tend to use "c." Also, there are a few ways to tran...
Ibaraki Dave wrote:
I think it's supposed to mean something like cat burglar. Watch the show, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Have you ever seen a cat taking a poop? Cats hide their poop with sand. That action resembles stashing stolen items in hidden places.
Ibaraki Dave wrote:
desukarhu wrote:
Nekobaba sounds like a weird term for that. Anyone know why it's called that?

Nekobaba = grandma cat? At least that's what a I thought when I first saw the word.

Baba is a nursery alteration of excrement.
I don't know what year that Gaki episode is, but His Excellency appeared on a Swedish TV show in 2008.

Any relation?