Thank you for your participation on this discussion. I didn't explain myself properly and I'm not having "much" time right now to write explicitly about this matter. I just want to say that I really love the older Batsu Games, I rewatched them roughly about 5-7 times, maybe even more. Incl...
Didn't log in in a really long a time and yesterday I just finished watching the Batsu game. First of all, I want to thank the subbers for such great subtitles and enormous speed in which it was done. Big kudos to ya' all. Secondly I wanted to share something with you, ask about your opinions and wh...
Saya Samurai was already finished filming, about a year ago.
Even Zurui subbed the Movie - a good one at that.
The information found is quite inconsistent.
GZ as always thanks!!! quick question tho that i've just been curious about since watching this series. what does it say at the bottom left corner at the end of every story and what does the the stamp say that the flying yellow creature leaves and flies away? thanks! Thought I'm going to tell you -...
It is a direct link, it worked fine and, apparently, with no download speed limit. Everything OK there. As I don't know any japanese, couldn't identify a number related to the title, although the narrator clearly mentions the "Nenmatsu Kakudai Special". Anyway, this is a screenshot of the...
I should use my time wisely for learnin' and stuff... but this caught my attention. Wtf is going on :D?
This is more bizarre then the post about how Matsumoto and Tanaka are supposedly getting caught between legs.
Could you please enlighten us :)?
Well folks, it's been almost 2 years since I last posted anything in this forum...let alone sub anything (other than OTF subs for the annual batsu). But now...after a long hiatus dedicated to schooling (and my gf)...and while I'm still unemployed (I should be hired soon so...this is a rare opportun...
Thanks for finishing the subs Godzilla.
As soon as I get to have more time (exams coming up) i'll do the other episodes :)!
GodzillaRadio wrote:
Wow, forum nazis in action. :whew:

Chill yo asses

NAZIS?! Who said NAZIS?!
Where's the Weisswurst and Bier?!

btw welcome! Things like Gaki no Tsukai should bring people closer, not make them cringe :D
Oh...and I thought I'd be more proper and sub some of the text that keeps popping up on the screen but......I got lazy and stopped a quarter of the way... From my point of view you don't even have to do it - it's information that only appears a few seconds an the viewers won't even notice. Most of ...
You've got my like :)!
Thank you :D.
There's just one major mistake that occurs now and then : The prize money is 10万円(100.000), not 10.000 :)
Nevertheless, very good subs :clap:
How do I do that? :p -- 08.01.2013, 16:56 -- Oh and Please check out my Facebook page or Twitter and keep up to date with any uploads I do m m -- 08.01.2013, 17:15 -- Just do a signature of it, so you don't have to do commercials . People will automatically visit your page, if you provide them with...
Change the thread title to "subbed" so that people notice that a certain someone has been working on subs, thumbs up :)!
Much appreciated. But ultimately, just feel free to translate what you want, so you don't feel like you have an obligation, or put yourself through pressure. Just another active subber putting out something is enough. This is just a general wantlist of mine, but series that could use completion, mo...