Anyone has the TV-ratings for the show which was broadcasted instead of Gaki ?I'm curious to see if it's worked well...
Oh :(
I just hope they will do some weekly batsus like they did in the past. :(
First, thank you so much to all of you for all the upload !!!! 😍😍😍 I can finally complete my collection. =)
I want to buy an external HD only for gaki eps/batsu, someone can tell me if 5Tbs is enough or no ? :tmi:
There's a liste here (from 1989 to 2011), and you can find almost all the episodes in download here and here
Ezoghoul wrote:
hmmm..... so like a reboot? I know they are old and will not happen, but definitely wish they would get punished as hard as on the original High School batsu. thanks for the info Ernie!

I thought it was university....but I'm happy to Heipo back as a main guest !!
Thanks ! ^_^
I think this Silent Library was way better than the previous ones ! XD
Thank you for the links ! I'm currently watching the part 2, and tbh, batsu games are getting boring. The old batsus are way better, there was a costume, an atmosphere and lots of things and games related to the theme... It's "Treasure Hunter" but they spent at least 30mn on a tv show, pla...
sebas-chan wrote:
Oh! great. I can't wait. I hope this year they play a little bit more with the theme.

Archeologist in the future (20019) strange ;) :D

Thanks for the pic

Maybe they will be still there on year 20019 :p

Here's natalie's article :
Sooooo...We have the bus picture !!!


(credits go to atene0422 twitter)

Can't wait for more news ♥
If there was no episode last sunday, it probably mean they recording the batsu ?
1-800-ZOM-BIES wrote:
Ah, I forgot about No Laughing Batsu! Is it confirmed for this year? If so, does anyone know this year's theme?

It was confirmed about 2 weeks ago, it's Science Laboratory no laughing !
A "Back to the future" tribute ! :D
Another pics here :

Soooo Fuji looks like Doc from Back to the Future...and Suga's statue it's Einstein...
I definitely can't wait !
Yes, firemen ! :D
Or probably a special in Edo era...Like the small part they did in the 2014 (?) batsu ! :D it was awesome !