I liked your guys' effort, so I subscribed. I would like to contribute in some way, shape, or form to see your show grow! And as someone else said, use your real names, even if it's just the first names! Thank you for your input and support. We will definitely use our names next time and for the re...
Thank you for your response. Yes, we thought the train would possibly be a little risky and maybe some were annoyed as well. But since we are just starting out we could not get the bus Gaki did or think of any interesting place to do it so we chose the train since it was never been done before. But ...
Hey guys, I am a huge gaki no tsukai and gottsu ee kanji fan. I have memorabilia I bought from the no laughing series, I have the original CD of eccentric shonen boy, I even auditioned to be on gaki no tsukai and was finalist once. Anyways, I am sure a lot of you feel the same way and are a bit disa...
joker said he was going to in august or september ill try texting him again.
I can't seem to download any of the files are they still active?
I don't quite understand this episode. I thought Hamada was trying to start fights with people, but then I found out he's just asking "Why?" in the rudest way possible. What really confused me was his reaction after every encounter. He seemed really tense each time. it actually means more...
edit: sorry, found what i was looking for
thanks again hand for the HD upload! Will you be putting one out for part one as well?
Thanks again hand for your hard work.
did the j-show website go down? i can't seem to get on the site....
Thanks as always hand! Get well soon :)
thanks for posting hand and thanks to SpikeBender for sharing!
thanks again hand :) !
asakurayoh77 wrote:
does anyone know the song when hamada comes out on the Gaki bike?

or if you ment the one before that (because who doesn't know "born to be wild") its called Baby Can't Drive by Alice Cooper, Slash and Nicole Scherzinger

Prince vs micheal jackson in badminton was really funny too
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_n9djFp ... re=related