OMG i heart you Zurui! Currently downloading... :)
You're also subbing the next episode, aren't you? Onegai~
ROFL. Best caption ever - "_ _ _ _ _: This person is computer generated."
I'm not sure if you will be interested, there will be a remake of Hana Kimi (Hanakari o Kimitachi e) this summer 2011. Atsuko Maeda (Q10, Majisuka Gakuen)of AKB48 will play the role of Mizuki Ashiya, formerly played by THE Horikita Maki (lol, i'm a big fan of Maki). If you are not familiar with Hana...
i love these masked man games... *downloading*
thanks Spike-sama!
Spike sama, happy birthday!! :)
Hello, found these clips from youtube - Memory dance Part 1: *this is the same clip as "Part 3" video posted by iniquiti on the very first post Part 2: YES, the continuation of "Part 3"!!! Awesome killer moves by Matsumoto san at 1:44 ht...
zurui wrote:
Part 3 uploaded, enjoy!

Thank you!!! :hug:
omg Zurui!!! thank you! :hug:
Lols sorry guys i just have to share this. i watched this like 10 times already. it's just sooooo cute!
oh shoot, how do i embed yt video again???

hello guys, just wanted to share this: me and my friends were invited by a small group of japanese people to participate in a flash mob to spread awareness about the recent calamity that happened in japan. it was held in Eaton Centre, Toronto last friday Ma...
watching and laughing my ass off these videos. thanks reina and spike for sharing these.
oh and happy st. patrick's day btw :)
Also the comic role of the suitor of Yusuke's mom is absolutely ridiculous. I totally agree! he reminds me of Jimmy Onishi For those who would like to see some of the actors who appeared in the spy batsu game, i would recommend "Kiina". Haruse Kiina is a detective who has exceptional memo...
Maligayang kaarawan Ini!!! :hug:
inuman na!!

hope you enjoy your day!
check this section of the forum. gaki cosplay bus tour # 1, 2 and 3 are subbed by Outlaws0023.
just wanted to share this.. Finally decided to watch Room of King because first, it is listed as comedy, and second, after reading the plot teaser, i found the storyline interesting... First episode, I am happy to see that Hiro Mizushima is one of the main characters. Second episode, I am surprised ...