btw, I was one of the original team that worked on this segment, and I also done the "unseen footage" with the help of Zurui , like you said, it's better to use the already finished material to add into your HD version, which can save a lot of time and effort, can't wait to see the final v...
heey man, any news of your progress ??
I wish I could've joined you guys, yet sadly I cannot this time around, I must focus on treatment and getting better "mentally" but know that we all support you guys ^^
damn I really missed a lot of stuff....I think I'll have to catch up again |(

it's been a loooooong time, since I last been here, real-life issues clogged me up, how's everyone, I missed Gaki
ever since all 5 members participated, I no longer really call it a batsu game,since they enter it willingly, it's only a batsu game in name, nothing special really, they lost their touch =\
Why are you even complaining :/ I'm happy someone else is subbing. TeamGaki was ridiculously slow on what they released since last years batsu game and I'm not so sure they even have dedicated people who can carry out the task to systematically like last year. More people working on it? Better or f...
isn't there another team already ?

I don't get it, why two teams work on the same show ??
yup, we'll wait with great anticipation
good attempt, but the sound is waaay off sync =\
as always, you did awesome job thank you =]
augh, that time of the year again ! :P, this year has been so hard on me, but hopefully I'll join the team again 8)
as always many thanks :)
I'm sorry, I haven't visited this project since I last said I will work on it, but I promise I'll look into it again, and hopefully bring it into newer and better standards ;)
sigh, I guess they're indeed getting stale every year, same gags, same jokes, no real punishments, oh well I'll watch and perhaps participate in subbing this again