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onegaishimasu, also could u please upload more vermillions thanks
hi all, my name is Veldaz, from Indonesia. I've been watching this show for almost a year. Almost half of my total HD size are eaten by gaki'z lol.. well actually i was curious about matsun n hamachon relationship. I wonder if i could get the answer in introduction topic. My question is since when d...
#300 - shichi henge 2 - Suga Producer - 26.11.1995
#565 - shichi henge 14 - Yamashita Shigenori - 17.06.2001
for those are lazy to bypass veoh here
#386 - shichi henge 8 - Endo Shozo ココリコ遠藤 - 21.09.1997
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no sub tho..