I'm going to Tokyo in a couple of weeks and i would love to buy some Gaki souvenirs. Does anyone know where the best place to go is? And any travel advice would be greatly welcome.

long time lurker :bow:
hey im broadcasting right now if you would like to watch just search gaki in jtv and my channel should pop up.

which thread will they announce it on
is anyone actually subbing the video
what time will it start in london?
cant wait it looking really good thanks for the video
cant wait sooooooooooooo happy :D :D :D
thats fucked
i saw this thing on the gaki no tsukais website here is the link http://www.ntv.co.jp/gaki/oa.html

id like to understand it because i used google but not best translation.

i cant see any videos its just a code.
when will they announce the next batsu game
i cant remember what its called but it was an ep where endou finds a replacement gor chiaki
his the url http://app.ntv.co.jp/myntv/sys/enquete/input/?enquete_id=280 it from the official site og gaki and i know its something about matsumto.

cant wait until made thnx