finally booked the trip for the end of June for the first time for 3 weeks. super excited but man i'm dreading that flight!!!! So if any of you never hear of Ezo after June.... well you know what happened....
Ernie. you are the man! thanks for always contributing. You have been here for awhile. and i simply want to say thank you. :rock: :rock: :rock:
:rofl: :rofl: they put Matsumoto in skinny jeans :rofl: :rofl: or maybe that is his style now along with the tight shirts
hmmm..... so like a reboot? I know they are old and will not happen, but definitely wish they would get punished as hard as on the original High School batsu. thanks for the info Ernie!
welcome to the community Max and enjoy the content!
thats funny you posted this cause i keep up with watchmojo and saw the video last night and was thinking about posting it here. you're always copying me tigere ;) Saludos!
Welcome to the forum lopelat. life just gets better from here ;)
Welcome to the forum! be careful with the thai kicker!
awesome!!! i had no idea this show kept airing after they went bankrupt and then the US version came out. so glad to know it came back on cause its waaaaay better than the US version and i dont even understand japanese. the US version waste so much time on lame dramatic back stories. again thanks fo...
welcome to the forum and community Nuker. You should be in for some good treats here. Enjoy!
really really appreciate ya'lls time n efforts on the subbing lately. :clap: :rock: :clap: :rock:
welcome! enjoy the forum! Gaki Power! :rock: :rock: :rock:
welcome! and thank you for your work. hope you are around for Oolong time....... you see what i did there? clever like that.... 8)
thx ace as always. but man ur links hav so much spam. please find a way to reduce it. im certain im not the only one who gets all the pop ups
@soudou.... as much as i appreciate and often get annoyed by you i enjoyed your last post regarding the translators reddit responses. and yes to all forum members and anxious subbed batsu fans.... in the end... just wait and be quiet until the subs are available.....cause even if they dont happen. w...