Last exam is on 11.03. The design has already a release candidate and hopefuly the author will release the final version when I'm finished, too.
Sorry for the small disturbance and thank you soudou.
The version of the theme I used is missing some elements which are needed to work with the modifications. The author released already a new version which should be compatible but I have to base everything from the new style again. I guess you mean I should make it an own category, right? Good idea a...
Hello everyone!

I think we were missing the discussion thread for this years batsu. The theme is Detective Agency and TeamGaki will do the live streaming this year (Info Thread)

Have fun! :bow:
I'm also busy organizing my own party this year and am a bit busy actually. I hope someone else from the team or the community could just create an irc channel on a server and post the info in the general section. I can then add an info box to the top with all relevant information.
That's not the right place to ask.
I will actually only use the old gaki stars from the old forum.

Edit: Email and registration is also working again.
The domain is transferred and the DNS settings are updating. Registration might have problems due to the missing mail server.
I will transfer the domain in the next step. It might be possible that the forum goes offline due to DNS related stuff during the transfer.
Thank you very much. I will work on the forum on saturdays when I'm at my parents house.

Fixed the avatars, too.
It was set to 500x500 from the previous setup I guess. Thanks soudou!

Edit: Strange that it didn't block his signature even though it was more than 500.
Irfanview is a nice tool to crop or resize and compress images. I will not add a css rule for the signature. Some people are using phones and paying for the traffic. I don't want to disable images in signatures.

Maybe it is a permission issue with the avatars. I will look into it now! :)
We are making small baby steps. :)

And please stop using GIFs, large or big pictures in signatures. That should be common sense. :P

Edit: Am I the only one who doesn't see some of the avatars?
Actually the coding of the design will be easier because it is based on Bootstrap :) I just have multiple projects going on doing this in my spare time.
I have the same problem with the top bar. I will fix that and remove the bottom bar.