Hey guys. I just wanted to say a few words before the big release tomorrow of the final part and the whole Batsu Game. There are a lot of people we need to thank this year from Team Gaki first of all because without them, we may not have been able to finish the whole Batsu game. So can we all just t...
Shake it off, shake it off!
Hey guys, Some of you may know me because I have done the live translations for the last 2 years and I hope you enjoyed them. Me and Rich have been talking about doing something similar to the live translations on NY Eve, where Richard will stream videos (which are downloaded) and I would translate ...

That is awesome, we could do with some more translators. Can you give me your skype username?
We've been asked a fair few times if we are translating the Batsu Game this year and when we are expecting releases so... This year, we WILL be translating the Batsu Game again. So far, we have a team as follows: Alex- Boss/King/President/CEO of Gaki. Also, typesetter. Richard- Techno-god, making su...
Kiki ham has been translated! Enjoy

Ashhayes- Get in touch with me by adding me on Skype- Mickstar813 and we can discuss there! Thanks dude!
Hey guys

I may have found another type setter but will let you guys know by the end of the week if I could use some help!

Not necessarily, but I have a huge wad of time at the moment so looking to do some Kiki episodes. If you want to try, please feel free! But please do a Kiki episode which hasn't been subbed yet. Thanks!
Basically looking for someone to type-set the Kiki series so I can translate it. Any takers? Cheers

My Mum taught me. :)
Check teamgaki.com for an update.
Friday 21.02.14 at 18:15.
Hey guys,

Cancel your Saturday night plans. Because it's Gaki time. Part 6 is done! Hope you all enjoy it!!

The Team

http://www.teamgaki.com/batsu-2014-no-l ... rce-part6/
OOOOHHHH good spot!!! Thank you ErnieYoung (about Awaji shima!)