You might want to try asking over on the D-addicts forum, bound to have someone who knows what the show is, maybe even look on their wiki page.
You can kinda understand why the Japanese haven't gravitated to Matsumoto's films given how much absurdity he uses. Although I laughed at some parts, the movie's just too all over the place to really enjoy. in theory he should have an in-built audience but the Japanese public doesn't seem to like c...
I'm really liking this character, glad they are using it more!
Deflow wrote:
Yh, I personally think that tanaka is the best actor among the 5 regulars in gaki.

I agree! The Tanaka's Breakdown skit could be a full length serious movie.
If you haven't already you should check out some of the movies Tanaka has done, he's great in All About Our House (Directed by friend-of-the-show Koki Mitani) Tanaka is in a new Dorama which is based on a manga is called Isharyo Bengoshi which so far isn't too bad (two episodes have been subbed)........I think it's on Crunchyroll. The movie Endo is in is called Busjack and it'll be rel...
I always seem to miss this show, and almost instantly console myself that waiting for subs is the better option. I'm not in Japan but will have nothing on for 12/31 so if you could let the fans know what time the show will be on, we can all convert to local time and have the chips and cheezies read...
I said it last year but a zoo or a prison would be great settings.
Thanks for posting this! Anyone on the board who went to this screening?
I'm usually in agreement with Mark Schilling but I'm still excited for it, Matsumoto is trying to find his feet as a film maker and for me that is just as interesting.....I'm sure that being a fan of his style of comedy will give me something interesting out of it. I think he is slowly transitioning...
Sadly it isn't there.
There are no guarantees but judging by previous years it's a big possibility, they would get a UK premiere and most festivals are after that.

Depending on what else is there, I would consider going too.
Leeds International Film festival has a history of showing Matsumoto's past movies (Big Man Japan twice!) They're announcing their line-up on October 4th so if you're able to get to the festival you might want to keep an eye on it.
Kitano isn't really known for his movies in Japan, he's known abroad for them, I suspect similar things for Matsumoto.
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