ohh i never seen the youtube link video before. i didnt know yama went to peru where i was born there hehe yay!

edited: I misread and i gave you the wrong song. Hello Mr. Monkey from Arabesque 80's german girl band. this song is for the guy who dances like monkey.
As for new Onii's dance song is Tokyo Ondo, u can find it on youtube.

youtube found:

found a short version of English teacher
subs by pistachioguy.
subs by pistachioguy.

found them on youtube, with subs.

i know he had surgery but i heard he came back as he appeared on lincoln show?
I found it and thanks to junkobby1 :P delet it if it is already posted.

how come theres no ma-chan in it? im guessing that he shouldnt be there for silly punishment but he should be here for his master jokes.

tanaka's new film called "Uchuu de ichiban wagamama na hoshi (selfish planet)"
i just acciedantly found it on imdb's director Mitsuyoshi Takasu who worked with Matsumoto in Symbol movie.
here's the trailer: http://www.nipponcinema.com/trailers/selfish-planet-teaser/

guys, i found two videos!

not for kids. lol

whooooaaaa u found it finally. accident is goooood! i didnt know twitter is such popular now. endo such dirty boy because of his picture in smoking and i see he uses iphone lol but his quotes seemed nice and hardworking coach of soccer or fan of world cup soccer lol heres the auto translated site of...

it is already posted in other post. first search before you post :p