Thanks! Why does Yamachan get called Hosei now?
Wow, four years since I logged in. I guess I forgot about this place! Well, hello again, anyway! :D
I already downloaded this from here and they have the bad subs.
Ask for a download link specifically for this film? Is that not the same as starting a topic asking for this film, or am I missing something? (I'm not being cheeky, I genuinely have trouble reading... :) )
Anyone know where I can download this? :?:
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there were proper subtitles for this film? I love it, I saw it on Blinkbox, but I wanted to download a copy so I could watch without those pesky ads. HOWEVER. Every download for this film I'm finding, as soon as it gets to fight four with the big stink monster, the su...
Goodbye, obachan #3... ;(

Well, this is me... :tmi:
Thanks. I fell in love with Gaki No Tsukai only a couple of weeks ago when I saw it somewhere on the internet. Now I can't get enough! I'm finding it's helping me learn Japanese too. :D
Hi, just found this board after searching for a translation, looking forward to being here! :rofl: