Kikuchi and Noda show up very often on Yoikochannel.
They talked about this Ame ta-lk recording a few weeks ago:
I was really looking forward to this one, thank you Ernie.
What a coincidence, I stumbled upon Shoko Nakagawa livestreaming this game not too long ago.
If you what to watch a different playthrough, you can find it here:
Jimmy is a natural, this is going to be much better than Murakami's.
As always, thank you Ernie you are a legend.
I have a question, do you know what show is that at the end with Jimmy Onishi? Is this something that will be soon on TV it was already aired? I wonder if that Jimmy's house? His TV is from 90's or older and I see bunch of VHS tapes. That's next week's episode. Jimmy will have to showcase a random ...
I would like to see Hosei succeed for once, just to see Chono's reaction.
What a coincidence, two games with Dreams in the title one after the other.
espen wrote:
12.11.2020, 23:04
Is the download broken for anyone else?
I worked for me but I downloaded it yesterday.
The link looks active right now.
This has been an ongoing issue for years, at least on my system. I use Google Chrome. For me it worked without a problem (on Firefox), up until the forum upgrade/re-haul. That would be because I needed to change the cookies that the forum uses to remember logins, therefore basically logging everyon...
PSA: Matsumoto spoiled the winners on twitter.
To me TV Chidori feels extremely close to GnT, I wonder how the show will evolve now that they are shifting the airing time from 0:15 to 10:25 pm, hopefully they will get a bigger budget now.
Can anyone upload this show? It looks very interesting. ;( If you search the title of the show in Kanji on Google and you set the length to 20 minutes+ in the advaced filtering options, you can find it. Prepare for the lowest quality audio/video ever though. The best way to look for episodes with t...
Flame88 wrote:
21.07.2020, 16:14
Every time i close and reopen browser i need to login again, site is not remembering my login status.
This has been an ongoing issue for years, at least on my system.
I use Google Chrome.
Panel De Pon is so difficult, I don't think Arino will ever beat it.
I hope they will play it again in future episodes/specials, watching Kibe panicking never gets old.
There is going to be another live talk episode tomorrow with Arino, Abe and Fujimoto: ... 52736?s=20
Finally an episode with guests I am familiar with.
For those who don't know, KAJISAC has a Youtube channel which features many interesting interviews with famous geinin, I'll like those with Tanaka and Endo below:



Hamaguchi talks about this episode of Downtown Now here: