Arlekin wrote:
14.08.2022, 16:16
Does anyone here know the name of the song that play on the "Shin Cornya"?? The cat segment? My son really likes that song when it plays, I will like to show him the full song.
Do you mean this one?:
Wow, Lytton Chousadan.
This is kind of eventful, I thought they had completely disappeared.
If you like Downtown's style of impromptu Manzai, I would start from episode 1. If you like the current format of the show, I would start from 1998-1999, these are the years when most of the kikaku/series that still air today began, for example the Kiki series began in 1999, also starting from this ...
Tanaka killed it again with his acting. I thought there were only so many ways to hit someone with a pie but I was wrong. Another thing worth noting is that the Batsu in the Kiki series seem to be back, I am a bit worried for the set though, it got covered in cream, I wonder if they were planning to...
If you want something more "stealth", there is this:

By the way, the OP is by the rapper PUNPEE: ... e_video.18
The Egashira legend continues.
We got an insight in mou-chu's private life, I am surprised to see that his private self isn't much different from his persona on tv/stage.
Next week's long interview is going to be epic.
I find Mou Chuugakusei to be quite an enigmatic geinin, I always wonder if he is just acting his character of if he is truly like that when there aren't cameras around.
Maybe the long interview will push him out of character, we''ll see.
Definitely a legend, his "osuna yo" (don't push me) when inviting the other members of Dachou Club to push him into the hot water is basically common knowledge at this point and many younger geinin use these words as homage when diving into ponds. The way he passed away feels very surreal to me. He ...
The Ossan (おっさん Miyasako + TKO Kinoshita + Buffalo Goro A) visited this spot not long ago:
I wonder if Kaji (the producer of TV Chidori and Ame Talk and London Hearts among others) got the idea for this episode from there.
Definitely a memorable episode, I recommend watching this one even to those who don't watch Downtown DX regularly but are fans of Downtown in general. It kind of makes me a bit sad that Ritton Chousa Dan (リットン調査団) have basically disappeared from TV, they had good chemistry with all the comedians sta...
Nice to see the 'tamage' segments back again. They are releasing a special tamage only dvd in September: It includes some new tamage content that won't be aired on tv I guess: 完全新作『有野課長の休日 ~レトロゲーム紀行 in 群馬&長野~ Arino Kachou's day off - Retro gaming t...
Ariyoshi was super strict in this last episode.
Despite the usual "make Ariyoshi laugh" caption in the top right corner, Ariyoshi didn't make a single skit pass his "wall" despite laughing multiple times.
It makes me feel sorry for all the comedians that did their best for this episode.
Mimura talked about what happened when they shot the konto he featured in this year, light spoilers:
I didn't know this was coming up, another rare chance to watch a new konto with Matsumoto.
Thank you for the upload Ernie.