i tried to use the 720p subs to 1080i vid.... well... it worked~ XD thanx a lot guys!
where can i download the sub file of 60fps? the one i found got some prob, at hour/min/sec of 4 .13 .49, its stopped and continue at 4 . 15 . 55. the timing of the sub and the vid ran away after that... here's the link that ive downloaded : m *nvm ive fixed the prob, here's the new link* http://www....
i've downloaded the 60fps, but its in mp4 format *all from rapidshare*, tried to play with the .ass subfile, it doesnt detected..... anyone can help?

*problem solved*

abit worried at certain time of the video, it is out of sync. i've downloaded 12.2gb 60fps. is something wrong?
the SD-torrent video full of advertisement and the timing kinda wrong. the voice faster than the video. is all the link like that? and the video full with advertisement?
torrent link by la_tigra were unmatched, its sorcerer apperentice.... any new torrent link?
is the torrent link doesn't work? or its just me?

-- 09.12.2011, 04:13 --

what does it mean by disk 3a and 3b? (mediafire)