Like many of us, it started with the high school batsu game.
Where Jimmy started counting and it went viral on YouTube.
After watching tons of other Gaki related shows I joined the forum that ended up being so crowded.
So I requested people to make a website that ended up to be this one :D
This is awesome!
I'm watching live it's hilarious
Tanaka got a Thai kick when I came in :rofl:
There should be more Jimmy in this one! :D
Excited to see that ShadiHD is prepping up to sub
Can't wait to see it! :rock:
I hope to see a more accessible page that has a more clear view on what's available.
Don't turn away from the forum layout cause it works awesome and I guess it's quite easy to handle
Just the main page should be more presenting.
No new part for quite a while now...
The subber should focus more on this project instead of picking up other projects in my opinion..
Nevertheless i'm very grateful for the releases so far
This looks very fun~
Hope someone will sub it soon! :)

Woah... Axxo is up to GNT? awesome... that person is a legend XD

LoL on dutch TV!? no way man :D
Would be cool if they added allot of dutch celebs but I'm sure it wouldn't succeed here..

Hahah!! I coudn't stop laughing at the end of part 2 when Matsumoto was spying on a couple having sex!

You forgot part 3!

Tanaka being bullied by the fat lady in the bus cause she doesn't like his face at the newspaper batsu was pretty messed up XD

All the ideas sound really funny to me XD
24 hours firefighter sounds hilarious
butt slapping them with the fire-hose :D

But as-long as they add Jimmy in again it's all OK with me :]

Ohh! =) this is cool, thanks!

First post here! =D
This is me >_<