Well, you know what I mean, episodes of other shows that include Downtown of other members.

Thank you so much!
Hey guys, does somebody happen to still have these episodes somewhere? My hard disk died and I lost all my Gaki videos... :(
>.< Same here! Thank you!
Welcom in lanshan! Hail WoW and Diablo! :)
ShadiHD wrote:
ehychail wrote:
It has come out, the theme is FIREMEN

link to the news or it didn't happen...I personally got bored of the repetitive stuff they've being doin for the past 6 years, they MUST get back to betting games and see who wins and who loses

Totally agree
You can download the program on the web: m Then, you just add the video, it asks you the format you want, you can pick any format or if you don't know which, just pick the same from the original video. Then, you click on filter and add the subs. Finally, just click on convert. It messes up the color...
I use total video converter, but there are many programs that can do the trick
awww, it's a shame this link is gone. Thanks anyways Kanzaki.
thank you SO much natsilane
Lol, what's with Hamada's red dress XD
Well... Bush is the biggest comedian ever.... unless you think about Mexico's coming president...
Nice pic! Could he be the second one at the bottom counting from left to right? The first kanji fits, but the rest don't... could it be another spelling? He sort of looks like him, and has the “tottsuan-bouya” look.... and also, I'd find it pretty weird if he wasn't there >.>
Let us hope not...
Awww, I'm gonna miss it, it had some great moments! :S
Thank you SO much Kanzaki!