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Didn't knew about that.

Apparently Hamada Masatoshi's eldest son is in a psychedelic garage rock band. About the younger son I know almost nothing about except that he is about three years younger than his older brother.'s
Maybe he could continue with the Gaki legacy in a future. No Laughing: The New Generation (2029/2030) Featuring: -Tanaka's Son -Yamasaki's Son -Hamada's Sons I woudn't count Yamasaki's and Matsumoto's daughters because they are girls, and it woudn't be funny watching girls getting spanked in their ...
I was thinking '' oh, so damn cute'' all through the video where the five comedians saw Tsukitai Hosei's and Tanaka Naoki's kids I was always hoping to see their kids(though they didn't show the faces). Though I'm sure that Matsumoto would not take kindly to the crew dragging his child into screen v...
It sure sucks big time when a member of the family becomes so sick! I understand, Zurui, how terrible you must have felt when you heard of you're father's condition. My own grandpa died of heart-failure on the 25 day of February and uncle and I couldn't be there for him during his last moments becau...
I don't mind waiting,even if it takes 6 months to get the whole Batsu Game subbed.
Why do some people have the notion that a show that is 6 hours long can be subbed in just a few short weeks and still have good quality?! Jeez, give the subbers a break, complainers!
I liked it a lot. And the '' Chicken Rice'' song was, in my opinion, really touching and sad. :)
This new subbed part was so funny. Thank you so much for the update! :) ... re=related

Are any of you familiar with the Okamoto's?
I found out that Hamada Masatoshi's oldest son is the Bass- player in this said band (Okamoto Hama).
Thank you so much for the update! It was great!
( Not that it really matters, but why not use putlocker like before?)
Was it really that hard for you to just post the link ? m[/quote] Is it so hard for some people to write down a short string of letters with a keyboard and then searching through the profile of the person posting the episodes? I admit that I forgot the option of loading the complete link to this for...
The Matsumoto gets Pranked clip is on

Write Sillu11 on the Search and you'll find it.

There is also the entire No-laughing Hotel Batsu Game and several Kiki episodes
Whoa, I got the chuckles over the
Hamada found in his drawer. I wasn't expecting it to be
Matsumoto's daughter's toy
. :lol:
Anyway, thank's again for all the people doing this subbing-project! :D
Thank you! Thank you!
These team fights are awesome. And its nice to see Matsumoto's team win every once in a while.(I've seen a quite a few games without subs) :)
So funny! I laughed a lot.
Tomorrow is my birthday so this upload was a great present.
I eagerly wait for the next 30-60 minutes. :)
I'm looking forward to the updates.
I thank the whole subbing-team for all the effort their putting on this project! :)