I said it once already but I hope that guy gets a part in the next no-laughing special

Also, I felt for Hamada when they told the story of the cockroach... that was totally something I'd do
I don't think they announced last year's no-laughing batsu until November or December.
This would be rad if you're still interested in setting up a stream. I used to watch GnT on KeyholeTV but... well, keyhole is good name for it... (I appreciate that it exists but still)
Peanuts are considered to be beans in Japan. Apparently they actually are beans and not real nuts. The more you know!

Those dolls are so cute XO
Not related to the thread subject, but @endougolf posted this a few days ago 復活して欲しいバラエティ番組。「ココリコミラクルタイプ」3位。。。CXヨロシクお願いしますぅ~。。。 Super-rough translation: I'd like to bring back a variety program. Cocorico Miracle Type Level 3[?]... I look forward to working with you! I'm not sure if it's for real, or...
The show isn't officially available subtitled. All the non-Japanese subtitles available were created by fans. You may find that some subtitle files for the No-Laughing batsu games are compatible as some of them are timed to fit DVD rips, but otherwise you're out of luck, sorry! The only way you'd ha...
I need a skämskudden dakimakura I can crawl into... But really, some people might be looking at the preview image and thinking, 'Just how amusing, exactly, would GnT impersonating the Beatles be?' I watched this last night and again just now and I can tell you it's even better than you're imagining.
I'm not usually a fan of drawn-out awkward humour but this somehow managed to keep my attention. I'm glad I'm not the only one who went 'this has Matsumoto written all over it' though. Where did they find that last guy? Something about him is just amazing. I kind of hope he appears in the next batsu...
The Matsumoto Professional documentary features a lot of the initial brain storming sessions and development of MHK, especially the Dynamic Portable Adventure skit that shibatabread subbed. I definitely recommend it if you're curious about his brainstorming, Daitaro.
EXCELLENT Here is a real rough translation of Miyasako's tweet featured on the Lincoln AKB48 Classroom episode: Since this morning I've been on location~deshon~~! ( ̄▽ ̄) But this fine weather makes it easy to be on location~deshon~~ ♪( ´▽`) What will I come across today? Oh, the anticipation~deshon~~...
Would you be able to put their twitter account names on here? My phone's a Samsung :P

I have a few Japanese game developers on Twitter and they talk about food allllll the time. I think Japan's internet is powered by food photos and cat photos.
Borrow someone's Hatsune Miku doll and have him slap her across the back of the head just to let u know, i am a miku fanatic so dont make fun of her, she is awesome Butbutbut any musician slapped by Hamada will become successful! He's just making up for lost time :U I know, take a photo of Hamada s...
Borrow someone's Hatsune Miku doll and have him slap her across the back of the head
Thank you for posting this! I'm glad for them
Welcome! It's pretty cool that your cousin is going to Japan to perform. Gaki no Tsukai is on NTV which despite the name, is a different television channel, so she probably won't run into them on the job :P But you never know!