I haven't watched any JPTV for a looooong time and I started again with these two dokkiri. It's soo worth watching them both! I was laughing at the twists they threw in part II. Magic tape Hamae.. poor Hamae. "Everyone's so quick to strip" makes me laugh hard too.

Thanks Ernie (=
Omg I LOVE this show! It's always a good one to watch when you want to wind down.

HOLY SHOT THO OMG WHERE DID Kis-My-Ft.2 MIYATA COME FROM OMG WAS SCREAMING at that skit lmao how did Sanshirou get him to work with them? LMAO Yeah, Miyata's totally less popular than Komiya. :rofl:
It was funny how Hizashin's ranking of Fujimon below Rice's Tadokoro kept getting brought up. Ariyoshi's, "Because you're not that funny that's why you're below Tadokoro" I think he said? Then Hizashin after the netabarashi, "Well I feel Fujimon would always be ranked 6th". He wa...
omg Jinnai's CHOO CHOO Train was SO GREAT :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Why are Jaru Jaru Goto's movements so small lmao Thank you!!
Thanks Ernie! I just came back from Japan yesterday. I managed to see Fruit Punch live at Lumine the Yoshimoto and now I'm relapsing and want to see MuraKen again. ^^
Have you tried checking Yamada Ryosuke Tumblr? https://ryoosukeyamada.tumblr.com/masterlist
OMG THE PRANK Mr. SASUKE tries to pull on the other two SASUKE guys had me in tears LMAOOO. His acting is SOOOO bad even Hiroki can't contain his laughter lmaooo Paraphrased this part had me crying, Mr. SASUKE: Owowowowow!! (grabbing heaD) What is that?? SASUKE?? SASUKE guy #1: It's like a competiti...
えぇぇ!!まじかよ!ヒザ神すごい… Two times! I thought it was impossible for him. Hizashin is getting so good. He is more talented than he lets on. I wish when he share his thoughts about other people's haiku had had something better to say Wow, I did not expect that at all! Incredible. The masters are truly t...
I really love the ones where they present the tsukkomi their own neta back at them to "tsukkonde". I have good laughs every time. Thank you!
I've been trying to catch up and this one's the funniest one so far! Akira 100% tries so hard haha
That was funny. Thank you!
Hizashin is soooo cute lmao I don't care what a "bad" character he is haha. Thank you Ernie. I have not watched London Hearts in a long while and it was nice to catch up a bit. ^^
Aaah, thank you so much Ernie! I had not realized Hizashin was doing so well until he mentioned it on IG the other day so I had to see it. (= He is working really hard. I am so proud of him. That 3hr sp with the magic show was interesting! I didn't know Johnny's WEST Hama-chan liked magic. I was so ...
Hello Ernie! It's been awhile. Do you have the following episodes of PureBato?


Thank you in advance (=
lmao that kissing prank was so funny I laughed a lot. Komiya's "Eh? I don't remember the male's name.." was hilarious.. and then he gets the pun.. "Wednesday (Downtown) again".

Next week! Three-way match ups in competitions meant for two looks funny as heck!