Hi! I have not seen any of these episodes of Gobugobu translated. Still, they seem to be pretty funny in their own quiet way. This one in particular has caught my fancy and I would absolutely love to see it subbed. Is there anyone who feel like they would like to give it a try? m It is in one of the...
I really enjoy these episodes. Even though I hardly understand anything, I can still guess on the things and when it is in katakana I find it extra funny to try to guess what the name is;D And I get to look up several new words:D
Am I the only one who went "Whiii!" at the mention of Jerkass-mode Downtown?;D Anyone feeling up to subbing this?
I read somewhere that also Hamada has a radio show. Is this true? If so, where can I find it? Does any of the gaki-cast have a podcast?
Is there a list anywhere of all the LIncoln classroom episodes? I find them incredibly funny with or without subtitles;D
ypana3 wrote:
No Laughing Police Station Disc 2 1:08:22. I know it's pretty trivial, but the curiosity is driving me nuts!

it says namada not namata... still don´t understand though;D
This is now on the absolute top of episodes I want properly translated! Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!
Does anyone know if the drama 竜馬におまかせ with Hamada is to be found anywhere? (The one where Matsumoto surprises him in once...)
what is the big deal about the paper they are reading?
Not just that he acts differently on other shows. Matsumoto has said on occasions that Hamada in private acts very responsible and properly. I also have noticed that Hamada tones down the violence automatically whenever children are in the vicinity. That, for one, shows to me that he indeed cares ab...
Fajardo wrote:
Also aren't the audience made up of 99% females? Guess it would help your chances if you are one?

how fortunate then that I am female;D
whaaat?! that sound very strange, even for themO_o
Hi! This might be in the wrong forum but still. You remember the episode where the gaki-boys where playing a card game with Rola (and in an episode after that with another guy)? I was wondering if that game is a version of this one m From what I found in wikipedia the one I found (the link) is a new...
I know, I had a nerdy whim some months ago and convinced my bookstore to order some of his books for me. Since I am going to Japan for a year in october i hope I will be able to read some of it at least by the end of the year:) Hamada has also written a book but that one is much more difficult to fi...
If someone not busy translating the latest batsu would feel like subbing this one, I would be very grateful, they seem to be talking about many really funny things this time:D