So, this year Downtown will make their 30ºth aniversary, i guess if will be made some special event for this. It should be funny! HAHAHA
Yeah, sure! Theres the tradition involved. But even so, if someone has a evidence, some news about this. Then my normal fan curiosity would be satisfied. Thats wt im looking for. But thanks for the aswer, is nice to see that are real fans here helping each other. Thank u so much!
Yeah, Totally agree! (y) The point that made my doubt is that, in the last year, i was able to find some news about the 2012 new year airport batsu. But this year im not finding nothing bout any batsu being filmed or something. And we´re allready in september. Well, i hope that theres a 2013 new yea...
I´m really worried about the question if there will be a new batsu game this year. So...the subject is simple. If someone has the aswer, please tell me.