Its amazing that Hamada didn't start to beat them up.
Guys, I just downloaded 1080p version, but it is not widescreen, it is like 4:3 with 2 huge black empty space left and right. Is that normal or my player isn't working well? I use WMP Classic with K-Lite Mega Codec pack in Win 8 x64. And something more, does anyone know when subs for 1080 version w...
w t h. It somehow blew sand in my eyes too. powerful stuff.
crzyontv streams shows the judgment skits from youtube, so they're gone as well. I was looking for the judgement skits myself. If someone has them, please post them someplace and share the links!!
This is the shiznet.
This stuff is so epic, its amazing how progressive this show was back then. The show's ED makes me want to hunt down the original tapes and watch it, subs be damned.
Godspeed with the subbing!
Kanzaki wrote:
ksatrio wrote:
are those eng subbed?

They're not. You can find the subbed versions here:

Thanks Kanzaki!
TAMinator wrote:
none of the dl links work anymore.
And Youku stream is uber slow :(

That post is from over a year ago, of course the links are messed up.
So no subbing on the horizon?
Thats what you're looking for?? I was hoping you were looking for the japanese (folk) songs they used in those mini intros for each of the gaki before they began cooking. Every episode has a new song. I'd love to know what songs they're using.