:rofl: YES! OMG Thank You. Yay!!! :inlove:
I love that Endo did the episode title call and the mcing at the start. That's a good role for him, I think he's best at it than Yamasaki or Tanaka, and gives him something constructive to do. Also, he has a nice voice! Fujiwara is adorable and I love the opening. Does anyone know what he said to Ha...
Can someone explain the different tasks? Who are they impersonating at the start?
I always thought that his English was good, and he talks about travelling overseas, going to Paris three times, etc. Then I saw a Yamasaki produce where he was singing in English, and it was painful. haha. I don't remember which one... But like sodou says, for Japanese people he might be quite good....
I've never been on that torrent site. Thank you!
I'm also looking for the raw 720p, without success.
I like the idea. Even if we can translate a few lines into Japanese and tweet them at him. :) We love you and we're here!
It's in the MEGA master list that's currently stickied, is that not working for you?
Great work, guys! I am looking forward to watching these. :D
Thank you!!
Hey'all. There are fewer and fewer holes in my Gaki collection these days (I'm looking forward to helping out reupload stuff later on,) but cosplay 5 and 6 elude me. Am I wrong? I think all the links are broken. Would someone be a little Gaki angel and upload them to mega or zippyfile? Onegaishimasu...
Hi Pychror. It looks like that file has already been translated in the link you posted... is this a request? Hopefully I can help out the French community too. I have already been in touch, thanks. Also it looks like the Goodbye Yamasaki 2010 are already complete in English. You can get it in the ne...
I found the torrent online, but it is sadly dead.

Maybe it is time for 5 and 6 to go up on mega with the master list!
Thanks, soudou. That helps a lot! :D
Hi, just to say that a lot of these links are dead.

I was wondering if some awesome person who has them could reupload to mega or zippyshare, maybe making a master list in one thread? :clap:

Karma for the taking, here to be had. :D