Well, is quite easy... maybe i'll start tomorrow. Thank you for your help
Thank you Arlekin for the avatar and Soudou and DesertStarr for the answer Well, i asked if i can start my own translation in italian, naturally with the credits, and i will post in a new section of the forum, like spanish, french, ecc... The only think i require is someone that tell me how to work ...
9 days have passed since I first contacted jordanocarina about the translation of earth defense in italian, but no answer, please can someone tell me if he is still active on the forum? thanks
Yeah, it was like that, glad you still remember of me. Well gaki no tsukai is so cool! I wish i could live in Japan to see all the episodes, can only imagine :rofl:
Hello everyone! Finally i came back on this fantastic forum, today i just remembered that a year is passed so a new batsu game is out! CAN'T wait to see this earth defence force! Ah and special greetings to my friend soudou, and all the translating team. Bravi! :clap:
Excellent! :)
Thanks for the info,then I'm going to download the 720p first :)
Finally! i was waiting for the torrent, but is 12gb i need to free some space on the HD :D
Thank you but this post is very old and the video is raw, any possibility to translate?
I knew you would make this guide, you are great Soudou!
Hello everyone, :hai:
This video is about Matsumoto and 12 national languages, someone can translate this video? I want to know if Matsu can speak for real this languages,thanks :bow:
lol the pass is joker :)
no this isn't the password, but now i don't want to redownload everything, maybe later...... Joker! :!: what is the password? :)
however thanks again Soudou :bow:
ah ok i get it, thanks again :)