Softsubs available here: ... subtitles/

Don't know why some subbers don't post to the forum anymore.. :wasntme:
Oh man.. My dad died in 2018 and that was the hardest time I ever had to go through. I don't know what to say that could help you. Just try to be there for your family.
Thanks and happy new year Ernie and everyone else in the community. Now to decide which game I have to uninstall because my drives are all crammed to the max :wasntme:
It's always great to see new people on here. Enjoy your stay. :3
I'm glad I was able to help a fellow fan out. Have a fun evening while watching it :rock:
Sounds like Ougon Densetsu. ... 15-subbed/

I wish there was more subbed material of this series.
Edit: Accidentally linked to conyak's old site which isn't updated anymore.
Welp I guess cleaning up my man-cave can wait for another day.. :D
anyone have the softsub of this? I've Check the links here buts its all Down... thanks if ever someone have the link.... m Save this into an .ass file and you should be good. If you need the raw video file you have to ask someone else because it would take me several days with my shitty upload :/ E...
New sub by Goosecanyon! :clap:

Game Center CX 290 - Space Channel 5 [GooseCanyon]
Translation: Phosphorescent Skeleton
Proofreading: Kuishinbou
Subtitles: Clov
Special Thanks: Bean

Sit perfectly still. Only I may dance.
Subbed by Shion (u/foregroundnoises on Reddit) and u/springmanRIDDELL!! :rock: ... y_tapioca/ ... y-tapioca/

Edit: Softsub available here. Just search for the episode number..
Oh god yes thanks Ernie. This is one of my favourite shows.
Thanks for giving me a bit of fun in otherwise bad times.
Oh god yes I've been starving for something nice to watch. I've been stuck in bed for days gobbling up painkillers like smarties.
Thanks a lot. :clap:
Oh man I can't wait for the new batsu game to air. Only a few more weeks ^^
Oh well I know what I'm watching this evening.. :D

Thanks Ernie :clap: