There are some error with the subtitle, some of them are showing over another subtitles, i use vlc and also tried bsplayer which made it worst. I had the same problem when I was trying to watch this subs on file with size 1440 x 1080 pixels. The subs are normal. Probably your video file is not suit...

Thanks for you effort, but I get error 動画は削除されています (The video has been removed (c) Google translater) and no video :(

Maybe it's hapenning becouse "Source : Veoh" for this videos.

I'd really like to see this. Could you upload this vids on megaupload or another site (Veoh isn't availible in my country)

Originally posted by Slayeer
How the hell did you find all these 8o

"Related Videos" for first video

There are many Georgia CM with Downtown with this song. For example 01 [yt]KghtZlgRUR[/yt] 02 [yt]cGHtTaPr7Yk[/yt] 03 [yt]72E6G9eU7CQ[/yt] 04 [yt]lb5sz23MTpU[/yt] 05 [yt]9iV3W6zKW50[/yt] 06 [yt]aLGJc8yKtX4[/yt] 07 [yt]WWpy6HVDaWU[/yt] 08 cannot find 09 [yt]8YD9-oi0-k4[/yt] 10 [yt]KKGT6MWbJUE[/yt] 11...

I'm under the table with laughter. Just saw this video on youtube.

Can anyone upload this video on other file(video)share sites?

what episod is it?

I cann't stop laugh. lol

Veoh is no longer available in my contry :(

It so funny.
What episode number is it?

Rip Slyme
Bump of Chicken
The Cat Empire
System of a Down

I'd like to watch this with subs.
I think Endo was saying something about Chiaki (his wife) cooking there.
Tohoshinki at Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ 2008.04.14 Subtitles: English hardsubs Uploaded by Kissfromarose234 part 1 [yt]93VsxTs-cco[/yt] part 2 [yt]cBZPO75PgC0[/yt] Download Link: Part 1: Part 2:
already deleted :(