I remember watching this episode (subbed, 4 or 5 parts) where a girl and a guy would be given some money (I think it was 5000 yen) and they would fight over who can spend the least in the entire week. They would cook by themselves and find creative ways to save money. It wasn't Gaki. I cannot find i...
Part 1 was super funny! I wish part 2 got subbed :)
impossibru! :o
Oh, God, please... let there be someone willing to sub this....! I think this is just a recap so it's unlikely to get its own sub but some of the individual "I Think You Like This" episodes featured in it have in fact been subbed. #1 - m #2 - http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=...
That was super funny :D
Don't wanna be picky, but a small sugestion - please consider reviewing the thumbnails in screenshot in order to hide the results of the Kiki game :)
Thanks again!
Oh, God, please... let there be someone willing to sub this....! :call:
It amazes me that he drinks it 2-3 times a day! I would go broke in a month!

Here in Poland, it is the most expensive coffee store. Big one costs 15PLN and the minimum wage is 8PLN/hour.
Imagine this in UK - you pay 15 pounds for a coffee :D
Great, thanks! :)
Any chance we could see this as a torrent to download?
OMG that was the funniest part EVER ! I have never laughed so hard in any batsu game before!
I can't wait for next part, as those C**** in drawers are insanely funny! :rofl:
soudou wrote:
Part 5 is hitting now (think the links are just being edited)

murdereed wrote:

It says the video is private.
As grateful as I am for the subtitles, I'd much rather see two teams work together. With 5 amazing subbers, we could have had the whole Batsu Game in 1-2 months :)

Oh well, guess I'll never know why... :D