I want to see Tsukutei Hosei (probably spelled that wrong) being abducted by the master criminal Chono, who announces, "I will slap this man once an hour, on the hour, unless I am paid five billion yen." Then master sketch artist Hamada is charged with drawing the criminal based on a video...
Nice! I like that Obachan got a cameo right in the front center. :)

#EDIT: Looks like one of the punishments is none other than Egashira 2:50! :clap:
This is good. It gives me a good feeling. I will be happy to get up at the crack of dawn to see this streamed live. Even if I do not know the language.

The honest laugh of Matsumoto is enough.
Loved the game. Didn't expect too much... was thinking I'd see a lot of the same old. And we did. But I still enjoyed it.

My mind is still blown from watching that anamatronic pseudo-hamada gorilla toy.
Downtown-san needs to do a kickstarter and begin their own network. That is the only way to freedom.
1. Hamada will be dressed as a woman again. 2. Yamazaki will laugh first, friendly fire. 3. Seven bus stops. 4. Endo. Goes without saying hehe. 5. I predict the triumphant return of the mystery buttons! 6. Everyone but Yamazaki's family. 7. Hamada, simply because he's slower. 8. Three. Supervisor of...
Fantastic! Thank you again, Kyon. I will be there. I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Hrm. And the mystery for me is solved. The delicious thing Matsumoto ate was some sort of eel. I will have to try it sometime.

Thanks for the subbing!
THANK YOU! I happened to check the site before I went to work this morning... discovered that I had indeed missed the batsu game. :sweat:

Really wanted to watch it live with everyone. Well, now I can. In an odd retroactive fashion.
Oy! What a way to twist the knife in my wound!

A year or so ago I found a Mecha Mecha iketeru episode that had Egashira 2:50 dancing with a little girl. Cuteness overload. I've since tried to relocate it, and every single link I could find went to a video that had been pulled down.

Very bummed.
I think we should do another pool this year. Slaps per person, and how many times they betray each other.
Dunno about you folks, but I'm hoping someone's gonna be livestreaming this. ... then again, I might be able to watch it. Getting a foreign TV pack from my cable provider, and it's network NHK I think. Have no idea if that's the right one or no. Hoping. Been too busy with a new job to check. #EDIT: ...
Church day care center, perhaps?
I am confused. But delighted. It's enough for now to know the new Batsu game will soon grace our screens. I look forward to seeing the crew again this year.
My educated guess on what will happen during the batsu game: Matsuko Deluxe's tongue will touch Endo in more than one location. My guess: Endo will have to fireman carry Matsuko Deluxe out of a "burning" building, and Deluxe will grope him the entire time. Matsumoto will laugh and Tanaka ...