@mickstar813 and Team Gaki- because of many pple here just asking for effort and progress and so on:
thanks for the livesub. well done!!!
Unfortunately I had to leave the livestream 2 hrs after start, so I'm waiting patient for the subs.

Happy New Year to all from Vienna
I always wondering why she/they never looks out for a second swimming door :D
I think this is a review:

KazumaSanjaya wrote:
Great job! I applaud you highly! :clap:

So do I!
@KazumaSanjaya: :whew: At least it's done!
I wanted subs for the three part version so I have split up the sub file into three separate ones and spent a lot of time getting them all synced right. Here is the link! http://www.mediafire.com/?zobj93xk71jgg2g Enjoy!!! Thank you very much for your work to bring it for these version.
calobest wrote:
Mince la vidéo n'est plus disponible :(

The video is no longer available

Sorry for this, I didn't notice - it's only up for 7 days after it was aired.
One Virgin wrote:

LOL - Matsumotos percussion skill is still epic!!
Unfortunately no seeder for 1st part, stuck by 6.2%

edit: ok, it works again :bow: thx ul
can't download subs, they are deleted from the hosts, or need password. any possibility of re-uploading them? thanks EDIT: the rapidshare one works now, wasn't yesterday for me, sorry. My reply is a little late, hope it doesn't matter! Here you go to my MF-backup: http://www.mediafire.com/?6m86o7ic...
@ Chronopolis: Wonderful, you link is the whole scene, as I remember my link was only the plot with Tanaka. Thank you very much for the find - I've looked hard for it to find it again, it was gone for two years. Here is a link to my (at last realized) MF-Backup, feel free to dl (33MB): http://www.me...
Gestern auf ARTE Tracks / Seen yesterday on ARTE Tracks : m (gleich der erste Beitrag der Sendung / first report) Rechts unter dem Video kann man die Sprache auch auf französisch ändern / below the video, on the right side, you can change the language to french (5): Hitoshi Matsumoto: der aufsteigen...
Thx for your effort and good luck to you and your project.
I have to look for some backup on my hd's, meantime just have a look on following link (not my upload): http://crazyontv.com/tag/gorenjai/ EDIT: OK, didn't find it in my data, so feel free to dl a 151 MB subbed avi from gakifiles: http://gakifiles.blogspot.com/p/complete-download-list-page.html (scr...