Ohhhh, thank you so much! That's awesome!
And yes, more episodes please, if possible! (: You are my hero!
It must be this one:

Oh, I just realized it is down already. :/
But maybe someone saved it?
Huh, sorry that I couldn't upload anything for a while. Thanks psychtor for uploading the rest! I'll uploading the rest to MU hopefully on a daily basis now. I have a MU-mirror for the first part already here: m psychtor, would it be possible to edit the pictures I posted with the links into your fi...
Wow, those are already deleted? :O Thanks psychtor! It would be great if you could reupload them! I had some internet issues lately, so it took me a bit longer to upload the parts. But I'll try to reupload 1A, 1B and 1C on megaupload this week, so that we have a mirror on rapidshare and megaupload b...
I'm pretty sure it's Itao's voice too! I hope it will be released in Europe as well (since "Dai-Nipponjin" made it her even with a German dub, and "Shinboru" was shown on a festival here). It looks pretty interesting, altough the story isn't that original. But I trust in Matsumot...
BEST OF Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji DVD 2 B
1. Who will be the first to recieve the batsu? - Endo and Matsumoto. 2. Who will the ignore gag be used on (first)? Yamazaki or Tanaka - Yamazaki. 3. Who will open their desk first? - Yamazaki. 4. Who will laugh the most times at Jimmy Onishi? - Endo. 5. Who will recieve the first tai kiku? - Tanaka...
I'm from Austria! :B
There's already a thread about it:
In the game, Kagaku-kun, and co-hosts Shoko "Shokotan" Nakagawa and Naoki Tanaka, will travel around the planet in search of creatures for populating their museum. You'll have to help them out by figuring out the best way to catch the various creatures.
Source: andriasang.com
Sorry that it took me that long again, but at least I managed to upload that part on MU! Hurray!

BEST OF Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji DVD 2 A
Oh, I loved the Pokémon-movies - especially the shortfilms at the beginning. :/
Rest in Peace.
Yeah, there are 5 DVDs and each has 3 parts (A, B and C) - so there is still a lot to come! :B
Besides that, I also have two parts of "History of Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji" with some older skits.
No, these are raws, but as far as I understood zurui wants to sub some of them. ;)