Hi I notice that this song wasn't on the list and I don't think anyone have posted it here but in no laughing Spy around 01:05:40 they are playing "Bourne" theme song

Thank you for this video and also that you have subbed some Lincoln videos!
Will be waiting for them :)
Thank you! These "The Team Fight" segments are one of the funniest :)
Thanks for subbing this :D
I really like this one
Can put the link on the theDream Match 07 thread if you want
No sorry... But it would be great if someone have it somewere :)
You can find it in this thread in the second post embed by Lonesword: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2134

But unfortunately not in english sub, but in chinese sub
SpikeBender wrote:
I wish I could find the one with Harisenbon as Bondage Angels. T_T

They are in this post with Match Dream 2008: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2301
In part 9 :)
Find another Dream Match episode from year 2008. And now it's the full episode with how they paired up the comedians and which pair won the Dream Match. (In the other Dream Match I posted from 2007 was the winners Mimura and Shimura) You can only watch it online and I will try to embed the videos. P...
Yay 30 minutes :D Thank you all!!
I would also love to see some episodes subbed :) Especially that "Radio Lincoln" episode when each of them driving in a car and listen to Yamaguchi telling stories.
Thanks as well for the video you posted :)
And find this one on youtube too with Otake and Hotohara from the same show as the video with Tanaka and Mimura. I guess they had this show maybe one episode per year, like a special show.

While looking around I find a manzai-show called Dream Match hosted by Hamada and a woman (don't know her name) there different comedians are paired up and have to do a manzai. I don't know all of their names but the Gaki members (excluding Yamasaki and Hamada) and the Lincoln members are some of th...
haha love this! Thanks you :D