Ernie, is this the first episode of a series or is it just a special?
Ernie, the should be an episode coming shortly of the Degewa show, where he rides with Egashira 2:50. Can you please upload it? Im a big fan of Ega-chan.

Ernie, thank you so much for uploading all of these. Do they still rebroadcast the series? Is the a possibility to see earlier episodes?
Hi Ernie, do you have any more of HNT?
Unrelated, I just finished watching the Second Season of Matsumoto's Documental. Was really nice seeing a bunch of the Ametalk regulars there.
Hello, does any one have any episodes of Black Mayonaise's Peko Nadesiko Gourmet? I
Ernie, if possible, please upload them. It is a great show that didn't get enough love.
Ernie, can you add God Tongue to your weekly downloads in the future? I am a fan of the show, especially their singing specials.
Can I get an invite as well?
Ernie, do you have any other of these specials?
Hi Ernie, can you please extend the Expiration time for ame ta-lk 2017.10.12 - GOLDEN Extra Innings.

There was a field day special last year tiger. From what I heard, they will continue to do specials.
Happy B-day Queen!
Congratz man!!!