I just watched the first subbed part.

Nakai Masahiro showing up was a true shocker.
Mickstar's is on a quick subbing pace for part 1.:)

I assume when Downtown feels to old to continue the 24 hour batsu game, they'll simply become hosts with five young comedians assuming the role of players.
I wonder if Housei will get accused of tampering with evidence for a case or something "or something" is guaranteed. I'll guess Chono will be investigating a crime and confront Housei with evidence of his guilt. I like when they set up his guilt in advance ("injuring" Chono's so...
Thank you for subbing this year's batsu game. Last year's subbing was excellent. Though, like everything, it can be improved. I've been rewatching the Prison batsu game recently. There were several circumstances in which black text (often on a black or dark background) was used. It was hard to read....
I see Mario Kart and Street Fighter.
This is a video of a song called Ms. Yutani by the artist Boogie Belgique.

The video is made from film footage of 1948(?) Japan.

http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/08/14/j ... %E3%80%91/
Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson did a lot of violent slapstick which could be called "thuggish," however it was fictional whilst the Gaki guys really do get whacked. Of course some of the more edgy stuff they do outside of simple slapstick would be a hard-sell too. A lot of Gaki fans would l...
There's a question in this spoiler box.

Is this the only time somebody (Hamada) randomly chose the correct item and then successfully identified it as previously tasted item?
There's a sub for this now.

http://vk.com/video?gid=7016284&section ... um-7016284

Part 1 seems more like a batsu for Heipo than Fujiwara.
Tanaka was shockingly violent towards Hamada.
Star Blazers got a reference on the HBO show "Silicon Valley" a week ago.

Part 8 had a lot of black subtitle text on black backgrounds. It was often hard to read.
I believe Endo is 3 for 3 at the teas (#2 tea, # 16 lemon tea, #20 oolong tea)