Episode #1492 (2020.02.09) Downtown's Talk (Part 1)

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
ダウンタウン 2ショット トーク (前編)
Gaki_200209_#1492_Downtown's Talk (1).zip
Thank you very much Ernie san. :D
I loved the shinkansen bit at the beginning but I think Matsumoto went a bit too far with the second one.
Yes the analogy with the bath deodorant was amazing at describing what Matsumoto experienced while looking at the shaved face of the writer, but I still think the shimoneta bit wet too far, Matsumoto doesn't need to go that low to get the audience bursting out laughing. Hamada proceeded to make fun of him for going that low and then Matsumoto covered it up in pure Downtown stile, making fun of his own mishap by jokingly checking with the crew whether they would cut it.

I like the other members but I still love to see Matsumoto and Hamada on the stage like the good old times.
My dream for this show would be alternating kikaku episodes to talk episodes every other week, for now I can only hope we will get more talk episodes this year.