Babyhellface wrote:
Hi, Ernie Young. I'm Babyhellface on, one of Chinese fans of downtown, and the Chinese Subtitles leader of 水曜事务所. Thank you for uploading and sharing variety show vedios of Downtown all the time.
Translating Downtown vedios is the main work for my group. We have finished more than 150 vedios' translation since the group was founded last year, most of the vedios were from your shared vedios. I'm so sorry to use your shared vedios without your permit. Recently, I've realized that it's not right. So I send you this message to express my sincere apology specially. And if opssible, could you please allow us to continue to use your shared vedios to translate? We can mark your name in every vedios when we finish the translation.
Sure! It's no problem. Actually, I knew that before.

Thanks for letting me know. :)