Gaki No Tsukai eating contest

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
I hope it is not already posted.
I found this video, it's a eating contest between two teams.
Gaki team with our 5 members +2 guys (i've seen them before but don't know theirs names) VS a single cute woman.
I was impressed.

Gaki No Tsukai #859 ... 56bTgDg6w9

And here i found an other one which looks like an absolutely tasty series episode. You can see an extract of it at the beginning of the #859 episode that's why i try to search a link, finally found.

Gaki No Tsukai #829


This women is really impressive o_O

What a delicious Sushi.. *-*

Can someone get this on MU? :D I would appreciate it.

This is Gaki vs Gal Sone, its been posted a few times. Search it... probably come up with a few links.

Vacuum Fujiwara and Inomoto is here too.

jesus that girl eats fast o.o

Is it wrong that I found this too be a total turn on?? lol

and God damn her mouth is huge... I don't mean for it to sound dirty... but seriously!

and taking her out for dinner.... only to all you can eat buffets... otherwise she would eat you out of your house... and wallet.

wow when I first saw her I was like 'nah she can't eat that much' but I guess she proved me wrong..I love sushi but I doubt I could eat as much as she did. That was impressive
the cute girl is Gal Sone who is a female Japanese competitive eater and singer.
Yea. Gal Sone.

I can make it to the second dish. Since I do eat a sushi plates at rare occasions... though I get quite bloated. Lol.
I don't know whether I'm freaked out or fascinated. She just packs it down!
Pretty freaky video, but definitely one I'd love to see subbed, just to fully understand the crew's comments as they WTF?! at Gal Sone's... unparalleled abilities.
Echie just subbed the #829 episode, for the #859 i don't know if someone works on it
Akiner wrote:
Echie just subbed the #829 episode, for the #859 i don't know if someone works on it

Oh yeah, that's the "Okazu" episode, aka Finishing rice with candies. They must have referred to that one because of how well Fujiwara performed (finishing off 4, 5, 6 bowls of rice at a time). It makes more sense now--they must have invited Gal Sone on to see just how far he could go :D
I didn't see any other links for this subbed video.

(ENG SUB) Gaki no Tsukai #859 (2007.06.17) — Eating contest (vs Galsone) ... 4_55752445