Hi guys! I haven't been around the site in ages, but have been happy to see so much hard work and lots of new clips coming out in the sub scene... :inlove:

Some of you will remember my previous subs, Lego Battle, the first Famicom Challenge and the short manzai Matsumoto and the gorilla. My Japanese language isn't good enough to translate, so these clips I have only been able to sub as they were already done very well by a French subber. I don't speak French either, so the process is interesting and fun to do - some intuition and guesswork is needed :D

Anyway, I've had this one sitting around for a bit and decided to crack on and finish it. It's an 8 minute excerpt from the episode where Tanaka takes on the rather out-of-character role of the Thai Kicker.

If anyone wants to use this as a starting point to sub the whole episode, feel free. Also if anyone wants to hard sub this and make a streaming link, go for it.

Hope you like it!