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Hamada Bamyu Bamyu - Nandeyanan PV (Subbed)

Posted: 07.07.2017, 15:26
by Ayaka
I think Hamada Bamyu Bamyu goes here.. There was a request to sub it so I tried to do some karaoke/timing since it's been awhile. I picked off the translation from Elestriel over at reddit and just threw it on.

Dailymotion deleted the video so I put it on sendspace if anyone wants it. - if you just want to know what it is before you commit to downloading. - Hardsub

Re: Hamada Bamyu Bamyu - Nandeyanan PV (Subbed)

Posted: 17.07.2017, 06:12
by greator
I hope someone will translate the making episodes (there's 2 of them plus one Hamada bamyu first live show).
Those are really interesting to watch.