Episode #1369 2017.08.20 - Tanaka's New Wife Competition

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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This week's new Gaki No Tsukai sounds very interesting! The full title is something like: "If it's a woman like this, then it'll be fine. Single father Tanaka's new wife competiton."

I'll translate the description from the official website:
The members are worried about Tanaka, who unfortunately became a single father about four months ago. That's why they took among theirselves to present him some new candidates for him as a new wife. Tanaka is perplexed by this project, but they members will introduce the candidates and are saying 'If it's a woman like this, it'll be fine. They will also show some footage from interviews with the candidates and the marriage talks. The candidates will also be shocked by the sudden marriage requests, but will it actually come to a new marriage due to Tanaka's charms?

Sounds like a very interesting new episode! Would love to see an upload here :) (Hope ErnieYoung is reading this)
LOL! Like Endo all over again. Can't wait! :rofl:
Oh, here it comes. Time to audition-- just kidding.
Remember Chiaki Audition?
I can't wait for watch this! It seems like a new version of Chiaki Audition!
LQ version from dailymotion is out: http://dai.ly/x5xhny0

But I would really appreciate the HD one from ErnieYoung ;)
I sent you a PM.
Can you send me a link too, Ernie?
(Also please, if you can of course, send me link for no reaction competition several weeks ago? I missed it)
Can I have the link please?
May I please get a link as well
:bow: :bow:
Hi Ernie-san, can i have the link please? Thank you!!!
I feel bad asking Ernie again, but if you could send me a PM for the link that would be fantastic! Thank you!
Hi Ernie can i have the link please? Thank you
ErnieYoung wrote:
I sent you a PM.

Hi ErnieYoung, could you share the link with me too?

Hello ErnieYoung,
Sorry to be a pain but if possible would I be able to get a link also please? Many thanks in advance. :bow: :bow: :bow:
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