Episode #1370 2017.08.27 - The Bus Hijacker Returns"

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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This week's Gaki No Tsukai also looks like a lot of fun. This is the description from the website:

This week's Gaki No Tsukai is "Appreciating 'The Bus Hijacker Returns'". Some years ago Endo starred in the movie 'The Bus Hijacker'. Since people who've watched the movie were shocked by Endo's horrible acting, it became a subject on the show. This movie's sequel "The Bus Hijacker Returns" was released in theaters this July. The members talked about the possibilty of Downtown appearing in the movie, as well as how few people showed up to the premiere. Now, all the members will watch the movie together! Is Endo's acting power still going strong? For each of Endo's scenes, they will react by pressing a button.

Can't wait to see this! I actually watch the first movie while I was in Japan. His acting really is not that good :D

So this is Japanese B-movie. :)
I patiently await the Dailymotion link
Dailymotion link 480p: http://dai.ly/x5yet49

But as usual, I hope ErnieYoung could give us the HD version :)
Leonhart050388 wrote:
Dailymotion link 480p: http://dai.ly/x5yet49

But as usual, I hope ErnieYoung could give us the HD version :)

+1 :)
I hope ErnieYoung-San give us the HD version of this Episode, too.
Hoping Ernie-san can give us the HD version :)
Where can I buy "IT STINKS!" buttons? :D
I think they were overly harsh on Endo......
Would love to get the HD version Ernie! THanks for the hard work!
Hello Ernie-san. If you will be providing a HD version to requestors, I'd love to be included in the distribution. Thanks as always.
Hello Ernie. if you see this and If you provide with HD version, please sent link to me. really appreciate with everything :clap:
Humbly joining the line for Ernie-san greatness :D
Oh Ernie-sama please me too.
Edit : Just in case someone want to watch the movie
Don't forget to use Japanese proxy.
Hi Ernie can i have the link please? Thank you
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