Downtown Now ダウンタウンなう

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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ErnieYoung wrote:
Downtown Now 2017.08.11
伊勢谷 友介 Iseya Yusuke
吉 幾三 Yoshi Ikuzo!LZsAFKaQ
Downtown Now 2017-08-11 [720p60].zip

It was funny while Ikuzo-san looks so drunk af. :rofl:
Thank you very much for posting my favourite show of all time, Ernie-san.
Downtown Now 2017.08.18
吹越 満 & 広田レオナ Fukikoshi Mitsuru & Hirota Leona
片岡鶴太郎 Kataoka Tsurutaro!bY9zDAzL
Downtown Now 2017-08-18 [720p60].zip
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