Yamazaki's 20th Anniversary SP (Matsumoto,Tanaka,Jinnai etc)

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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Password: gaki-no-tsukai.com

A special program Yamazaki did for the 20th Anniversary of his career (broadcasted 2008.01.03), roughly 80 minutes in length. As usual an excuse for him to get people to do silly things! :rofl:

Rough Quality Comparison between Youku & Clubbox versions:
Right-click & View Image to see full-size.


Youku version (576 x 432 279mb using Wantyoutube.com)

Clubbox version (640 x 480)
1.2 GB Split into a 7 part Archive.
JDownloader Batch File (requires JDownloader installed, I haven't created one of these before so hope I did it right...).

Separate Links:

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Sections include:

Kato Performance
Tanaka Naoki & Kato Kouji (comedian, actor, presenter, news caster)

Yamazaki (with Tanaka by his side) meets with Kato Kouji and discuss his trademark moves. After a disagreement Yamazaki challenges him to a quiz (hosted by Tanaka). If Kato loses he has to do a performance using only the moves Yamazaki tells him to do in front of an unresponsive audience.

London Boots Love Check
London Boots (Ryō Tamura, Atsushi Tamura)

Hosted by Kiminobu Kanenari (Ginnana duo), the London Boots comedy duo partake in some challenges which I think are apparently to "make certain of their love for each other" such as a quiz, eating curry fast and a "guess whose odor this is".

Yamazaki and Ryō seem to be pretty familiar with each other. They've appeared on some shows like Yarisugi Koji together, I think he referred to him as "Ryō-chan". When Ryō was on a "the life of" type show Yamazaki was brought in as someone familiar with him. They apparently lived near each other in the past. Image from Yarisugi Koji:

Gollum Training
Eiji Wentz (singer, entertainer, actor, part of band WaT)

Yamazaki surprises his apprentice/exclusive student Eiji Wentz then teaches him the steps towards doing a Gollum impersonation.

I believe Yamazaki met Eiji Wentz on a kids show he used to host called something like "Genius TV-kun" which featured a cast of children alongside Eiji who was 12 years old at the time (Yamazaki was 31). Image from Hey!x3:

Mahjong Game
Matsumoto Hitoshi, Haruna Kondo (Porcupine Fish duo) & Chiharu Shoji (Shinagawa Shoji duo).

Yamazaki enjoys Mahjong (he mentioned it as a hobby in a 24hr batsu once) so he is very knowledgeable about the game. However everyone else are complete novices and seem very confused about how to play. Cue lots of misunderstandings and laughter!

Jinnai's Test
Jinnai Tomonori (actor and comedian)

Jinnai is made to do a series of challenges or performances such as trying to bob for glass beads in hot water.

Jinnai Tomonori has named Yamazaki as being one of his close friends. When Jinnai was leaving the show "Narutomo", Yamazaki sung a tribute song for him but got very emotional and began crying, Jinnai at first laughed with surprise but began crying too. Photo from Jinnai's blog taken after filming an episode of Laughing Fairy together:
Gomen Soudou i have a question. There is two files. Are they part 1 and part 2?? :bow:
Arlekin wrote:
Gomen Soudou i have a question. There is two files. Are they part 1 and part 2?? :bow:

Hi, yeah it's all the same show, that's how it was when I downloaded it off Clubbox unfortunately. I'm assuming the one with a larger filesize is Part 1.
Part 2 is actually just the Mahjong part with Matsumoto, it's the same seen on part 1.
Thank you for the video by the way :)
Johnhk wrote:
Part 2 is actually just the Mahjong part with Matsumoto, it's the same seen on part 1.
Thank you for the video by the way :)

Ah really? Nice catch then, I didn't notice that... I had only skimmed through the Mahjong bits, just to catch the funny bits since I don't understand the language, the Mahjong explanations/jokes are lost on me... so I had thought it was a continuation of the Mahjong game.

Oh well. Sorry guys then for the extra download size for nothing heh. If anyone requests it because they have bandwidth limitations I can try re-archiving/uploading without that duplicate video.

Thanks Johnhk for letting me know!
Nice find. Let me see if I can understand what they are talking about in the mahjong session. I play mahjong too but not the Japanese way though they are more or less the same.
jonnyboi wrote:
Nice find. Let me see if I can understand what they are talking about in the mahjong session. I play mahjong too but not the Japanese way though they are more or less the same.

That'd be great! It looks like Matsumoto and Yamazaki have a lot of funny exchanges about how to play.
Finally, I managed to watch this! Regarding the part about the mahjong, well.... I think you have to understand the basic about mahjong to find this part funny. All the funny parts are about them screwing up the rules of the game and they are trying to recover from those screw-ups that crack up Yama-chan.

I have here a link for "How to play Mahjong" http://rummy.com/mahjong.html. These are the basics rules for mahjong and there are different rules for winning a game depending on countries and on players.

It has description about "Pung" and "Kong" that Matsumoto did in the game that is really funny. There is also a part where Yama-chan was explaining that 1 bamboo is a bird and they were asking why is it a bird.

But if you are really interested in learning the details of Japanese Mahjong, here you go http://www.japanesemahjong.com/reachmah ... _wall2.htm. Hope you won't get confuse with the rules hahahaha.
Ah I see heh. Thank you for the tip.

I now kind of get the funny bit where Matsumoto is happily going "Pon!" at his confused rival now :rofl: (which is apparently another way of saying "Pung" according to Wikipedia). Then Matsumoto successfully takes one of his pieces to make a set of 3. Afterwards the guy points at one of Yamazaki's end pieces and says "Pon" then the girl points at some of his other pieces as being "Pon!" etc. whilst Yamazaki is like "Eh!?..." :lol:

I don't have an interest in playing Mahjong myself but maybe I'll watch a Mahjong anime someday to get the idea. I got to learn how Karuta is played by watching Chihayafuru :D
Actually we called out "Pong!" during the game and "Gong!" when we have four of a kind. I guess different countries has different ways of shouting that during the game. Hahahah.

In the show, Matsumoto has a "An Gan". This means that he drew a card and form a four of a kind by himself.
By some strange coincidence, someone decided to upload a version of this same special on Youku yesterday! :o I've added a link and details in the first post.

Youku version (576 x 432 279mb using Wantyoutube.com)
Clubbox version (640 x 480 1.2 GB)

Rough quality comparison (right-click & View Image to see full-size):

If anyone can tell me how to reduce filesizes of old videos from Clubbox, please let me know, they're so overbloated compared to current encoding methods, but just running one through Handbrake's default settings didn't get it down as much as I thought...
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